Hindu God Posters in NY Nightclub's Toilet! Indian-American Girl Writes a Powerful Letter to The Authorities, Receives Apology
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Hindu culture has been interpreted in various ways by the western world. Indians' reverence for their Gods is well-known and they carry it across the borders. So the respect and honour for all religions are carried on even if people leave their country for various reasons. An Indian woman named Ankita Mishra was obviously left displeased when she saw Indian Gods adorning the walls of a nightclub in New York. House of Yes, in Bushwick, New York, a nightclub which calls itself weird, wild and wonderful had images of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati, Kali Maa and Lord Shiva. She could not resist seeing this and penned down a beautiful letter to address out silence. Colatecs, the Dance Discos for Senior Citizens in South Korea are Cure to Anxiety Issues and Loneliness, Watch Video. 

She wrote a blog about the incident, addressing a long letter to the official authorities of the nightclub. She gave them a good lesson or two about our culture. She visited this club at the end of September and was shocked on learning our most revered Gods plastered as posters inside the bathroom areas. "I was inside a temple but it was all wrong– I was wearing shoes, I was peeing, and my ass was out," Mishra wrote.

She brought up an important point of cleanliness around Gods. "Cleanliness and purity are obsessive rules in an Indian household. Around Indian deities it is a very basic form of respect, one that you learn as a child," she writes. In a scathing attack with her words she also pointed out that western idolised icons never make it to such decor or places, but there are no rules to follow when it comes to Hinduism. Viral Pic of a Couple in a Nightclub Becomes a Hilarious Meme (View Pics). 

Her letter resonated with a lot of people on social media and also got her an apologetic response from the nightclub. The creative director of the place, Kae Burke reached out to Mishra and apologised for not doing enough research and thus hurting the feelings of people. But her letter getting a response has only proved a point that we cannot keep accepting everything as "westernized." It has encouraged her to speak up wherever necessary.