Instagram Went Down and Twitter Was Up With Jokes! Check People's Reactions to Outage of Photo Sharing Platform
Instagram was down (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Social media has become a life and death situation for youngsters across the globe and when one app goes down, the other one resurfaces with complaints. Something similar happened earlier today when photo-sharing application Instagram was down. No sooner than the app stopped working and displayed a message of ' Couldn't refresh feed,' people turned to Twitter to check if everything was alright and was it just them. As another social media platform, Facebook has the sword of data breaching looming over its head, a report in Instagram usage also caused panic among some. Instagram Down Globally, Users Unable to Refresh Feed or Log In; Outage Comes Days After Facebook Hack. 

It has been observed that more people now use Instagram as compared to Facebook and other social sites, so an inability to use one of the primary apps, had everyone talking about it. As Instagram went down, Twitter went up with some funny jokes and reactions. Although now the app is all working fine and restored, these jokes would be relatable to everyone who faced the issue.

Check some of the jokes and reactions on Instagram down

How people felt without Instagram

As Twitter got more attention

The most obvious solution people try

Now that its back, Bye Guys!

Oh, Instagram why!


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How users sat as Instagram went down!


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where do i go for all the validation now?

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The outage was for about an hour, and no wonder other platforms buzzed with the error messages. Well, now that it is back we are sure, people would be relieved.