We have seen several snake videos that keep coming up online, but Australia and Florida are two places that see some of the intense ones. Two native Mulga snakes from Australian Wildlife Conservancy were caught on camera fighting each other for their right to mate. It is very common of male snakes to battle it out with one another to show prowess and impress the female mate. Two such male snakes engaging in their fight have been caught very closely to camera and the sight is scary, especially even if a sight of snakes freaks you out! Man Vs Snake! Australian Man Fights Off World's Deadliest Eastern Brown Snake With Knife While Driving a Truck.

The video shows the two huge snakes intertwining against one another trying to take each other down. Snakes also mate in a similar kind. These are Mulga snakes which are widely distributed across the continent. This fight between the snakes took place at the Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in the Murray-Darling basin. The snake fight went on for an hour and a minute-long glimpse at it is enough to give you the chills. The video shared on Facebook is going viral. Video of Cobra Swallowing a Whole Python in Philippines Goes Viral! Rare Snake Fight Caught on Camera.

See The Snake Video Here:

As per ecologist working with the conservatory who also shot this footage said that although this is a fairly common behaviour, it is rare to watch it. Mating season for these snakes begin early spring. The video has garnered over 3 lakh views in a matter of 3 days and people have called it their worst nightmare. Sometimes the snakes  also fight to establish supremacy in an area, need not be always for a female.

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