It is Raining Poop from the Sky in Canada Covering People & Cars! 17 More Such Incidents Have Been Reported
Poop falling from sky in Canada. (Photo Credits: aitoff/Pixabay)

Susan Allan of Kelowna, British Columbia was driving back home with her son on May 9 with her sun roof open when she says ‘poop’ started falling from the sky. She first described it as a ‘pile of mud falling from the sky’ but the pair were quickly overwhelmed by a foul smell which confirmed that it was not mud but liquid human faeces. She concluded that the brown liquid had fallen from a plane as it landed at the airport nearby. So far there have been 18 such cases reported but Transport Canada says none of them were aviation-related.

Alan and her son Travis were inundated with faeces that she believes fell from a plane. The material was cold to touch, blue-brown in colour, grainy and smelled of faeces. “I’m telling you: When this hit our vehicle, there was so much that it felt like a whole pile of mud falling from the sky. You could see it hitting the vehicle. And when it was hitting our faces, the first thing my son said to me was that it felt freezing cold and that it smelled like, pardon the pun, shit,” Allan told Motherboard.

Allan also said that her son threw up and their faces were covered with poop. Her eyes burned immediately and a subsequent visit to the doctor revealed she contracted conjunctivitis in both eyes because of the unfortunate accident. Allan managed to clean out her car with the help of family members. This is not the only time it has happened but on 17 separate occasions since the initial poo shower on May 9.

Transport Canada which overseas aviation in the country is investigating the May 9 incident, declaring that it takes all reports of possible debris coming from aircraft very seriously. Allan received an apology from Transport Canada but no answers for what rained down on her that day. The poop that might be coming from the planes, could be a phenomenon known as ‘blue ice’ named for the colour of the disinfectant that airplane bathrooms use, as Allan believes.

“The department’s review has concluded that these incidents do not meet the description of blue ice and are therefore not aviation-related,” a Transport Canada spokesperson wrote in an email. However, Allan does not believe Transport Canada’s assessment. “I believe that this is a cover-up by the government,” she said.