The Earth is a happier place because of chocolates. Don’t you think the same? Be it a difficult time or any celebratory moment; chocolate just makes everything better. This is why we celebrate chocolates on different dates. As of now, chocolate lovers are gearing up to observe World Chocolate Day 2020, which is on July 7. The day is approaching us, and there could not be a better time than this to talk about various types of chocolates. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, there are many flavours, and everyone has their favourite one. In this article, we bring you six different types of chocolates that will delight your taste buds, if you haven’t tasted them yet. So, without any further delay, let us begin. Enjoy Healthy Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding Guilt-Free With This Recipe. 

1. Milk Chocolate

This is perhaps the most popular type of chocolate. With a light brown colour, creamy texture and sweet flavour, milk chocolate is the kind that is widely regarded as the most popular type of chocolate. It actually contains ten to forty percent cacao mixed with sugar and milk.

2. White Chocolate

White chocolate does not contain chocolate liquor or any other cocoa products aside from cocoa butter. It does not really have a chocolaty taste, but sure resembles smooth vanilla. White chocolate is made by combining sugar, cocoa butter, milk, vanilla and lecithin. World Chocolate Day 2020 Date, History and Significance: Here’s Why July 7 Celebrates the Sweet Delight, an Instant Mood Enhancer!

3. Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate bars mostly contains 50 percent of cocoa. This type of chocolate often has a deeper, bitter flavour than other types of chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate is also referred to as extra-dark chocolate because of containing less sweet chocolate flavour.

4. Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is created when chocolate liquor is separated under high pressure, and the result cocoa solids are then crushed into a powder. Again, there are two types of cocoa powder—natural cocoa which is lighter brown in colour and has an intense chocolate flavour and dutch cocoa which gives the cocoa powder a deep, warm colour and slightly milder flavour.

5. Unsweetened or Baking Chocolate

As the name suggests, this kind of chocolate is unsweetened. It is also known as baking chocolate because it is not meant for consumption on its own. Instead, it is best used for baking combined with other ingredients to make it taste better.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the second most popular type of chocolate. It is less sweet and has a number of health benefits. Dark chocolates are also said to be great for baking when your recipe needs a rich and chocolaty flavour.

Now that you know these various kinds of chocolates, you must give all of it a try. World Chocolate Day 2020 is a day for chocolate lovers. So, enjoy every bite of it, guilt-free!

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