Man Climbs 19-Storey Building to Escape Fire in West Philadelphia Apartment! Watch Shocking Viral Video
Man Climbs 19-Storey Building to Escape Fire (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @6abc/ Twitter)

A man has just faced a near to death experience. Viral video shows the unidentified West Philadelphian resident escaping the increasing fire caught in his apartment. In the shocking footage, the man is seen climbing down the 19-storey building after the fire was reported at the tower. Soon he came down safely, he was greeted by the police officials on the ground to keep him calm. The video going viral online shows the distressing situation as all other residents get panicked, to see heavy smoke inside their house. California Man Risks Life To Saves His Dog Trapped Inside Burning House. 

The clip of the man shared on Twitter has been viewed thousands of times so far. A local NBC station also captured helicopter footage of the man’s death confronting descent and tweeted the same online. SkyForce10 pilot Jeremy Haas was quoted in the same report as saying, “He climbed about 200 feet down on what looked like basically chain link fencing and then the railings of each apartment building.” Man Sets Himself on Fire And Walks Around Calmly Outside White House. 

Watch Viral Video of Man Escaping Fire

According to further reports, four residents and three officers needed immediate medical attention as they were injured from smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. How the building caught fire has not yet been confirmed. But authorities believe that the flame might have occurred in the trash on the first floor, before rising through the trash chute and filling the upper floor hallways with thick smoke. Families have immediately been evacuated from the scene, as soon the police and fire department in the locality was alarmed.