Mumbai: 2 Drunk Men Misbehave With Model & Her Friends Over Parking; Watch Video
Drunk men misbehaving with women in Andheri (Photo credits: Facebook video)

Mumbai, November 20: In a shocking incident that took place in Mumbai over the weekend, two drunk men harassed and threatened a model and her friends. The fight started over a parking spot on a busy Andheri Link road and the Amboli police have arrested the two accused in connection with the case. Mumbai Shocker: Drunk Girls, Who Attacked and Abused Patrolling Cops, Held, One Absconding.

The incident was shared by Ashmita Jaggi, when she and her friends were about to enter the restaurant located close to the Citi Mall on the Andheri Link road. She waited outside for a red Hyundai Eon to move so she could park, while some of her friends went in to get a table. The woman who was inside the car told her to wait for the 'boys', who would be there any minute.

In a detailed Facebook post, she narrated the harrowing ordeal, "We patiently waited. After 10 minutes, I witnessed a heavy man waddling his way to the driver's seat. He started the car and reversed it...before I knew it, he bangs into my car from behind. I get out of the car and yell, 'You are clearly drunk and you've just banged my car. Wake up, let someone else drive."

Read Ashmita Jaggi's post in details along with a video, which she shared

Jaggi further wrote in the post, "While I'm saying this, one man and his friend 'Bunty' come to me and start apologizing for the hit. I calm my nerves somehow and get back into my car...take it a little ahead... But Mr drunk Romi sir doesn't budge... He refuses to move from the driver's seat. I'm scared he's either going to bash my car again or maybe kill someone else on the road because of his drunken state."

The woman recorded the incident, when the two men were hurling abuses and showing improper gestures towards her. Jaggi mentioned in the post said, "A crowd of around 60 people gathered on the busy street. "All these spectators kept urging us to leave because we were all girls and these idiots were drunks who were capable of harming us. So to save ourselves, we had to leave."

Cops immediately sprung into action and both the men were arrested on Monday evening.