National Milk Day 2019: Amul Topical Pays Tribute to Dr Verghese Kurien, Father of Milk Revolution on His 98th Birth Anniversary
Amul Topical on National Milk Day (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Today marks the celebration of National Milk Day 2019 in India. The day is marked to honour the birth anniversary of Dr Verghese Kurien, the "Father of the White Revolution" in the country. Dr Kurien played an instrumental role in developing the world's largest agricultural dairy development programme with Operation Flood. And it eventually transpired into the birth of Amul, India's prime dairy company. Today marks the 98th birth anniversary of Dr Kurien and Amul has dedicated a lovely topical to him. With a tagline that reads, "He helped the farmer get FarMore," they have summed up Dr Kurien's contribution to the dairy industry. National Milk Day 2019 Date And Significance: All About The Day That Celebrates The Life of Dr Verghese Kurien.

The project of Operation Flood was planned by Dr Verghese Kurien and it proved to be the largest agricultural dairy development program. It helped India to transform into a nation with highest production of milk, leaving behind even USA. The project helped millions of farmers to get secure employment and establish a source of income. Dr Kurien spearheaded as the chairman and founder of Amul. He has thus made great contributions to the development of the dairy company and over the years, Amul's marketing has become well-known. Amul made a topical doodle to honour Dr Kurien, with the Amul girl holding hands fo milk farmers and a caricature of Dr Verghese Kurien in the background. With clever use of words they wrote, "He helped the farmer get FarMore." World Milk Day 2019: Amul Celebrates the Day With All Their Fascinating Topicals Since 1976.

Check Amul Topical Honouring Dr Kurien on National Milk Day:

Amul had even made another beautiful doodle honouring Dr Kurien on World Milk Day which is celebrated on September 9, which happens to be his death anniversary. They thanked him for giving people their fundamental "white." Amul Topicals have become quiet a mark of the brand and be it a national achievement or an event garnering attention globally, they develop a doodle around it.