‘Not Engaged’ Instagram Account Created by Woman to Celebrate Singlehood Is Netizens’ New Favourite; View Pics
'Not Engaged' (Photo Credits: Instagram/ Pixlr)

Being single calls for a celebration and not funeral. That is what an Instagram account called, ‘Not Engaged’ is rightly explaining people. And it seems that netizens are loving her idea. Actress and writer Mary McCarthy is embracing life as a single lady in NYC sharing pictures of her lifestyle on the social media platform. Her hand posture is on-point, her nails nicely manicured, photo backdrops are exciting, and the only catch is that she is not engaged. The pictures posted online shows all McCarthy’s bare left hand and herself doing everything from holidaying overseas to cooking to chilling at her house, accompanied by witty captions. ‘Not Engaged’ Instagram account is clearly, netizens’ new favourite. London Woman Dedicates Instagram Account to Clothes Her Boyfriend Hates and Ladies Are Loving It!

According to media reports, McCarthy created the Instagram account after coming home from one of her friends’ engagement party. “I picked up tacos on the way home and texted a picture to my friends ‘when you’re not engaged, but at least you have tacos,” she was quoted as saying to HuffPost. The account currently has more than 145k followers and is so apt for singles to value their life. The page that started as a joke has ended be giving valuable goals that every single woman should embrace. 5 Plus-Sized Body Positive Instagrammers Who Give Us Major Beauty Goals. 

Here Are Insta-Worthy Pics:

Time to Cuddle Yourself:

Single AF:

Happily Vacationing:

Celebrating Singlehood:

Ever since launching her Instagram account, McCarthy reported that many places, irrespective of their relationship status, have shared their own stories of independence. Being single is quite an adventure. Some deliberately chose to be single while they focus on their careers, travels, studies, spiritual path, -personal growth, and so many other exciting hunts. It is okay, if your friend is getting married before you, it is okay to be a bridesmaid ten times. What is not okay, is self-doubting and not valuing who you are. The lure of freedom, choice and time is captivating and worth celebrating.