Oral Sex Hidden Images in Coca-Cola Poster! Reports Claim 'Feel the Curves' Controversial Ads Were Taken Down in Australia During 80s
Controversial Coke ad (Photo Credits: Unrealfacts.com)

Controversial creatives being pulled out is common in the advertising field. Reports of Coca-Cola having a poster from the 80's that depicted oral-sex has emerged lately. According to a report on Unrealfacts, Coca-Cola in Australia was promoting the return of the original curved bottle, and it created a slogan 'Feel the curves'. Reportedly, more than $200,000 was spent on posters for the advertising campaign.

The posters were produced and were used extensively across all the country on every possible medium, from the supermarket to vending machine. Initially, not a single person noticed the hidden image of the woman performing oral sex in a piece of ice, next to the coke bottle. It was much later that a woman saw it and complained to the company. Coca-Cola then demanded a total recall of all the posters.

Controversial Coke ad- woman performing oral sex. (Photo Credits: Unrealfacts.com)


The graphic artist who worked on the creative had done it as a joke, till a woman saw it on the back of a Coke truck. The artist was sacked immediately, and he ended up losing his job for this 'joke' of his. According to Snopes report, the intention of the design firm behind the controversial creative was to attract the attention of the young Coke drinkers. However, the idea back-fired and the entire promotional campaign proved hugely embarrassing for the company, and created a massive dent to the company finances.