Parrot Imitates Smoke Alarm Sound Perfectly! Firefighters Reach For Rescue in Northamptonshire
Parrot imitates smoke alarm sound. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A fire situation is a call of emergency. Firefighters leave immediately to answer the call of duty. But a group of firefighters was stunned when they reached the place but saw no fire. Steve Dockerty, 63, a resident of Northamptonshire was shocked to have firefighters banging on his door. The cause of the firefighters reaching here was his pet, an African grey parrot Jazz. The parrot imitated a fire alarm, which caused a panic among the neighbours. Parrot Swears at London Firefighter Who Was Trying to Rescue Him From The Roof! 

Parrots are known to be talkative birds and can imitate words and sounds. The 17-year-old parrot exactly imitated the sound of a smoke alarm. It sparked a panic at Steve’s property on Windsor Close, in Daventry. The staff of the company even checked upon the property about the trigger of the smoke alarm. They informed the Northampton Fire and Rescue Service for safety and they immediately rushed to the scene. Talkative Parrot Abuses Donald Trump Calling Him a 'W*****' and Criticizes Brexit, Watch Video. 

Talking about Jazz's abilities, Steve was quoted to a report, "Every time the alarm goes off I get a call from the wardens and sometimes it goes off for no good reason. This time they asked me if everything was ok and I said it was but they could hear Jazz in the background and called the fire service as a precaution." The firefighter crew was also very confused and they heard the parrot and figured out the real reason of the so-called fire! While Steve was left bewildered, Jazz kept laughing off in his cage. But thankfully, the firefighters weren't annoyed and in fact, came around the next day again to see if the birds were okay.

Even when Steve is out of town, Jazz along with other parrot keep doing some sort of noises. The neighbours would also think of them as notorious. Although the birds keep making sounds, this was the first time they made a fire alarm so well.