Talkative Parrot Abuses Donald Trump Calling Him a 'W*****' and Criticizes Brexit, Watch Video
Parrot abused Donald Trump (Photo credits: Video grab)

People calling out on Donald Trump and his policies is becoming old thing to state. The US President has been a target for most of his decisions, his speeches or just his day to day habits that get him trolled on the social media space. But now adding to more displeasure against him is a parrot named Lucky Angel. The African Grey Parrot is so talkative that he has been recorded using foul language for Trump. What's more? The parrot hates on Brexit and is too politically aware. The video of this parrot has attracted several people on the internet, thanks to his political knowledge. Parrot Swears at London Firefighter Who Was Trying to Rescue Him From The Roof! 

Marie Marie McAleazey, from Newry in Northern Ireland, is the owner of this cheeky talkative pet. And at just three-years-old, he is a lot aware about the political situation in the United States. He gave an X-rated verdict for Donald Trump calling him a "w*****". Marie was quoted to The Mirror, "I thought it was very funny. He just lets rip and you can't stop him. He already knows about 500 words and he strings sentences together. The other day he said 'no to Brexit'." People around Lucky Angel thus have to be careful about what they speak, because he is a quick learner. Check out the video of the parrot abusing Donald Trump here. 

Marie got the African grey species about two years ago and from the previous owner. Even then, the parrot had a vast vocabulary, bad words included. He has even abused the vet, leaving the vets confused about Lucky Angel's abilities to string words into sentences. Marie even joked that may be in another year, her pet could read out all the news. Parrots that talk aren't a novel thing but this one is politically strong and has opinions to give.