Russian Blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko Buys iPhone XS With Bathtub Full of Coins Weighing 350 Kg (Watch Video)
Man buys iPhone with bathtub full of coins (Photo Credits: Ludmila Semushina Facebook)

A Russian blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko took a bathtub full of coins to an Apple store to buy the latest iPhone XS. Svyatoslav along with his friends carried the tub into the store to buy the phone and faced the wrath of security guys. However, they managed to take the tub inside the mall. Photos and videos of the men carrying the bathtub inside the store have gone viral on social networking platforms. The video shared on Svyatoslav's Instagram handle shows he and his friends dumping thousands of coins in the tub.

They had 100,000 Russian Rubles in total (approximately Rs 1,06,700). The video shared on Svyatoslav's Instagram handle shows he and his friends collecting coins in the tub at home. The blogger claimed that the bathtub weighed approximately 350 kilograms. Svyatoslav's video has been viewed over 35,000 times and continues to go viral. He posted the video with the caption saying: 'This is the legendary bath of change'.

Here is the video of Svyatoslav carrying a tub full of coins into a store in Yevropeisky mall in central Moscow:


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The incident got further mileage after the Apple store PR shared a photo of the blogger and his bathtub full of coins. The Apple spokeswoman, Lyudmila Semushina, wrote that it had contained 100,000 coins, enough to buy a new iPhone XS. The phone is sold at a price between USD 1,050 to USD 1,500 in Russia. While the clerk at this store was kind enough to count all the coins, we suggest you do not take inspiration from it and attempt something similar.