If you are tired of everything especially in the year 2020, turn the feeling into a meme! Yes, that is the mantra this year. #ThakGyaHuBro is trending on Twitter and the microblogging site is filled with funny memes and jokes that are relatable and HOW! Memers are using the Kermit meme template to make these hilarious posts. Saying thak gaya hu bro is like the most Indian thing to do. The phrase literally translates to "bro, I am tired" and lately it has been the MOOOOD 24X7. A meme page asked Tweeple to complete the sentence that starts with thak gaya hu bro and the results are hilarious! Right from people done with online classes to the one who has been single forever, pooled into the conversation and it is a name fest. Year 2020 Funny Memes and Jokes: From Alien Invasion To Thanos, Hilarious Posts to LOL at While the Year Continues to Play Jumanji!

Thak gaya hu bro is what we have been saying every minute this year. AC not working? Thak gaya hu bro! Crush not replying(as usual) Thak gaya hu bro! You legit can use this phrase for everything in your life. The year 2020 has given us enough and more reasons to use this phrase. In fact, we are tired of the year itself. But people online are using IPL players pics, sad puppy pic basically everything they can find relating to their situation to create the perfect thak gaya hu bro meme template. You have to check out these memes and let us know which ones do you relate to the most. #ThakGyaHuBro Funny Memes Go Viral: IPL Fans Share Hilarious Jokes Following Social Media’s Latest Trend.

The Classic Hansa

There Has To be a Hera Pheri Meme




Johnny Sins?

Ah! iPhone Memes


Single Life Ki Jai

Online Classes

Tell us what has you tired! Well, our list is never-ending but again that's life. When life gives you problems you make a meme out of it. LOL. Tell us your favourite one from the list.

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