Puppy School Graduates; Twitterati is Delighted to Share the Pics as Pets Proudly Wear Graduation Caps!
Puppies at their Graduation (Photo Credits: @cjtudor/ @AliciaAntonacci/ @KonatP/ Twitter)

Who said graduation is just for human beings? Dogs everywhere are also graduating from puppy schools to become a proud certified obedient pup after their hard work. A dog lover, an owner and their teachers definitely know that delighted feeling when their beloved canines wear the best ever graduation caps. As summer is entering and students (especially board candidates in India) eagerly waits for their results, few puppies are done with their graduation ceremony. And Twitterati rightly captured this proud moments and is sharing the cutest pictures of their little pups as they complete their puppy training.

Puppy love is a wonderful thing. You cannot deny how the sight of a puppy makes your heart melt as you lose hours scrolling through the pics of dogs on the internet. And if you have one at our home, you are never bored! Training a puppy takes a lot of time, effort and patience. And it is equally tough for the cute ones too. As they join their new human family, there is a lot for them to see and understand in this world. Toby, Guapa, Chlo and more proudly wore graduation caps for completing their puppy training. And the pics are just adorable!

Look at the happiness!

She knows that hard work pays off..

Hello Graduate!

This one cannot hide its excitement!

I am a graduate now!

He is so proud...

We must say, her graduate cap is the cutest one!

This little bear who finally completed her basic training today.

Ready for the next level!

He is so happy to pose on his graduation..

She is looking for a long break after all that studying!

It is well said that the more time and effort you invest in training them, the sooner you will have an obedient canine in your hands. And as the four-legged grads receive their certificates from their schools, these pet owners feel nothing less than a proud parent.