Toddler Shreds Up Parents USD 1,060 Savings for Utah Football Match Tickets, See Pictures
The shredded dollars and the 2-year-old | (Photo Credits: Twitter@BB)

A two-year-old boy named Leo Belnap shredded over $1,000 that the toddler's parents had been saving for tickets of a football match. The family received the shock of their life when they found that the money they were saving went 'down-the-shredder.'

First check the tweet below which shows the two-year-old and his act of 'shredding' the currency that turned the precious dollar into pieces of paper

But the official handle of the Utah Football team tweeted about the incident, something the parents would never have thought. Check their tweet below

Now, at the end it has to be said that it has proved to be a win win deal for the family as they are getting not just an invite from the team itself but also the amount back, all thanks to the cute little toddler. "We're excited to have #Benbelnap and his family join us on the sideline for the Arizona pregame next Friday. We are also happy to hear the tickets are safe and that the money should be returned!" tweeted Utah football official handle.