The sum is quite simple: what's the answer to 8÷2(2x2)? Twitter is divided with the answer, while some say it is 16 while some say 1. The sum is now going viral on Twitter after people are coming up with either 16 or 1 based on the rules they used for solving the sum like PEMDAS, BEDMAS or BODMAS. Read: Do You Use BODMAS, PEMDAS or BEDMAS? Tricky Math Problem Goes Viral and Has Divided Twitter With Answers 16 and 1

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Social media is sharing their CCD moment in the memory of VG Siddhartha. Be it our first date or job interviews, CCD memories will never fade. Netizens are sharing their CCD moments on Twitter and you have to check them to realise that invariably each one has a special one. Read: What Is Your Memorable CCD Moment? From First Date to Job Interview Here’s How Netizens Paid Tribute to Cafe Coffee Day Founder VG Siddhartha.

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Today marks the birthday of everyone's favourite fictional character Harry Potter. Mumbai Police's Twitter account which is known to keep a tab on all pop culture events too has tweeted out their own Marauder's Map which aims at the safety of all citizens with a hashtag #MischiefManaged.

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Not all are very fond of Mathematics as a subject so once in a while there are some maths sums that are posted online, checking on people's abilities. A Twitter user posted an equation online and people are going crazy solving it.

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Video of a building floating in China's river has gone viral on social media. Social media users were stunned as the clip was widely shared on Twitter. Read the entire story here.

Video of Siberian husky paragliding in northern India has gone viral on social media. It took place in Himachal Pradesh's Manali.

On Wednesday, people have taken to Twitter sharing #WednesdayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom. Twitterati is inspiring each other with messages, quotes and stories wishing a great start to the day.

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It's Wednesday and social media users are divided about their feelings for the day. While some feel Wednesday brings us closer to the weekend, others refused to be comforted by the idea. For them, the weekend is still two days away and have taken to Twitter with prayers hoping for an early weekend. People have taken to the social media platform with sharing quotes and messages with the hashtag #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayThoughts. And as the day progresses, we promise to bring you viral stories from around the world. From the latest tweets, videos, funny memes and GIFs to popular Facebook posts, stay tuned with this live blog for stories trending on social media.

July 31 marks Gatari Amavasya this year, which is a day of feasting before the holy month of Shravan. It is observed only in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The holy month of Shravan begins on August 2 this year. You can check out funny memes, WhatsApp messages and GIFs to send on Gatari here.

July 31 also marks the auspicious day of Deep Amavasya also known as Ashada Amavasya. Being a No Moon Day, people perform a special Deep Puja on this day. The day is celebrated a day before the holy month of Shravan. During the month of Shravan, people worship Lord Shiva. Know more about Deep Amavasya here. Meanwhile, stay tuned to this live blog, as we bring you stories varied interesting stories. We ensure that you will be updated about everything that is trending around the globe today, through this blog.