Five-Storey Building Floats in China's Yangtze River! Twitterati Has Funny Reactions For This Viral Video
Floating building in China (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Internet trends change too fast and what goes viral today may be forgotten tomorrow. But an old video from China has once again found new life on Twitter. A video shows a 5-storey building floating through a river in China. Yes, you read that right, the video literally has a 5-storey building floating across the Yangtze River in China. And no it is no flood situation, but its a floating restaurant that had to be relocated from a spot. In the video, the hotel is actually being pushed forward by a couple of boats but it appears like the building is floating on its own. And as it seems bizarre, Twitterati was also amused. Funny memes and reactions quickly started coming in, making the video viral once again. 6000 Endangered Fish Dies in China Due to Construction of Bridge; Work Halted.

The video is actually from last year and a Twitter user named @Rainmaker1973 shared it on his timeline. Chinese news website CGTN had given an explanation about it too. They mentioned that since the restaurant had no power at the time, it had to be pushed ahead with the help of boats. The video is indeed amusing and such things barely take time to go viral. As more and more people viewed and gave their funny reactions, the video got its own hilarious spin. Angry Wife Climbs on Top of Car Roof at Signal in China After Fight With Husband, Watch Viral Video.

Watch the Video of Floating Building in China:

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Well, it is indeed a commendable technique of moving about structures, must say! Can you imagine something like this in India? An entire building floating through the river like a boat is definitely scary but it sure got its attention for funny reasons on social media.