UK Couple Order Domino's Pizza and Chicken Strips for Wedding Meal As They 'Couldn't Decide on Food' (Watch Video)
UK couple order pizza for wedding meal (Photo Credits: Pixabay, Pexels)

A couple in the UK were so confused about their wedding menu that they ended up ordering pizzas. Yes, you read it right! Guests at the wedding were in for a surprise on seeing boxes of pizzas being placed at the food counters. Victoria and Tom Browne from Cornwall had no such plans when they were planning their wedding. It initially started as a joke and ended up actually being served at the wedding. The bride and the groom ordered pizzas from a nearby Domino's outlet in St Austell. The informed the manager at the store that they had a budget of £350 and told them to send as much as pizzas possible. The food at the wedding included 30 large pizza boxes, 20 garlic pieces of bread, 20 boxes of chicken strips, and 20 boxes of wedges. Get Domino's Pizza at Your Doorstep in Self-Driving Car Built by Nuro.R1 Soon.

The 26-year-old bride told Insider, "It was just a joke idea at first as we had sorted everything for the wedding but just couldn’t decide on food. Everyone has sandwiches and that, so as it got closer to the wedding I thought: Shall I actually ask Domino’s if they would they do it? And to my surprise, they said yes!" Kissing Menu! Couple Slammed For Keeping List of 'Things to Do' For Wedding Guests to See The Bride and Groom Kiss.

Watch The Video Below:

The couple said that although the guests were a little sceptical about the food, in the beginning, they were all pleased later on. The bride said, I was so paranoid about whether they were actually going to be able to do it that I went in the day before and said 'are you are all aware of my order for tomorrow?'" The Dominos' staff came in and placed the pizzas and also clicked pictures with the newlyweds.

Domino's released a statement saying, "Pizza is the best food in the world and your wedding is the best day of your life, so why not bring the two together. We’re glad the bride and groom were happy with their delivery. We can proudly say Domino’s is the Official Food of providing the best dinner you’ll get at a wedding, ever!"