We are in the middle of a pandemic, and the novel coronavirus continues to ravage countries unabated. Amid the swelling number of COVID-19 cases, there are amount of terrifying large public gatherings that increases the risk further. It seems like these people decided that the virus was gone because it was no longer convenient for them to abide by social distancing guidelines. So, in a bid to make fun of COVIDIOTS, a couple created a fake wedding invitation card which has insisted on ‘keeping our date.’ An invitation created as a joke sparked debate on Twitter because some people thought it’s for real. Soon, the photo began to trend on the microblogging platform. If you also happen to be the one, who became a victim of this parody wedding invitation, here’s what you should know about the fake invite. Bride Cleans New Husband’s Car Tyres With Her Wedding Dress, Unimpressed Netizens Slam the Couple Online. 

Twitter user, Dan White, parodied weddings being held during the pandemic by sharing an invitation from a couple named Erica Fartlander and Dustin Ween, who in the card has insisted on “keeping our date.” The invitation reads, “F*** COVID-19, We’re keeping our date!” The rules include, “No masks allowed!” Because the couple wants “to see everyone’s beautiful mouths.” Sounds like a party? The couple planned to have a designated “cough room” and will be taking “lots of photos of grandparents in case anything happens.” White captioned the wedding invite, “Damn. Just got this in the mail.” Big Fat Weddings Possible Post COVID-19 Pandemic? From Smaller Events to Live-Streaming, Ways You Can Expect Marriage Ceremonies to Change After Coronavirus Crisis. 

Here's the Pic:

At first glance, the invitation looks like it could be coming from a real couple motivated to keep their original wedding date despite the pandemic. This is why the invite sparked a debate online.

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Some Thought It's For Real

Not Impressed!

Ain't Liking!

If you carefully look at the names on the card, Erica Fartlander and Dustin Ween, were not a dead giveaway, there are other explicit clues too at the invitation card. Media reports pointed out that the couple pictured on the invitation is the first clue that the card is fake. The image is a stock photo from Mixbook, a design company that sells wedding invitations, calendars, and other creations. Commentators on social media had a lot of fun with the names on the fake invitation.

People Had Quite A Fun With the Names

How Many?



As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make the headlines, many couples were reported to continue with their nuptial ceremony. While some did keep the social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines in mind, there were a few whose ignorance has reportedly further spread the virus.

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