Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples had to make the tough decision or either cancelling or postponing their wedding. And while things are slowly beginning to ease up gain, large gatherings are still best avoided. While the rituals will not change, weddings will look different in the future. But does that mean that you will drastically have to compromise on your vision on the big day? Here are the major changes you can expect to see when you are planning your wedding after the pandemic.

Wedding Planning Will be More Virtual

Many wedding planners are now ready to consult virtually and go online. But that does not make the process less enjoyable. You will now be able to do the trying and testing and trying at home. Many brands have started to deliver the try-on clothes at home. Social Distancing Wedding at Dhar: Bride And Groom Exchange Varmala Using Wooden Sticks During Lockdown (Watch Video).

Health and Safety Will be The Number One Priority

Couples will now focus on remote celebrations and at-home vows with proper social distancing? But what's when it is time to hit the reception party? There will be heightened awareness of food and beverage handling procedures with covered perishable stations, have attendants distribute the food and have gloved staffers. Doing this will allow the guests to continue with their recently learned hygiene practices. Weddings will now see discretely placed hand-sanitisers and have items like single-use utensils or drinkware available upon request. Wedding in Times of Coronavirus: Rajasthan Couple Ties Knot, Families Witness Rituals via Video Conference.

Weddings Will be a Smaller Affair

The weddings will now become smaller and more intimate. It can be an exciting change as couples can now finally focus on giving their nearest and dearest an unforgettable experience on their big day. Every detail will be that much more intentional. Malaysian Couple Has Creative 'COVID-19 Friendly' Wedding Ceremony With Drive-Thru For Guests and Packaged Food (View Pics).

Live-Streamings Will Take Centre Stage

Couples who have re-scheduled their wedding will now want to change the design element. The guest count will reduce will only close family and friends attending the wedding. The live-performances will now be replaced with live-streamings. Videography can be a new thing where the wedding would be live telecasted to those who have not been able to attend the wedding.

The world will changing and a lot will change. Let us accpet and imbibe the changes in our life for a safer world.

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