Spotting leopards on a wildlife safari or in their natural habitat in itself is very rare. Very few people get lucky to spot the elusive wild cats in the jungles but  a naturalist caught a pair indulging in some natural behaviour- mating. A video clip of two leopards mating on a branch of a tree in Madhya Pradesh's Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has been shared online. The video clip of leopard mating is going viral and while some awe at this rare sight, others feel their privacy was breached by the photographers who can be heard clicking around. The male leopard eventually ran off the branch. Big Roar! Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh Sees Birth of 6 New Tiger Cubs and 3 Leopard Cubs (View Pics).

The video was shared by M.P. Tiger Foundation Society, India on their Facebook page. In the caption, they write, "A not so easily seen and difficult to capture behaviour in the lives of big cats, Leopards mating on a tree branch." A naturalist operating in the Bandhavgarh Reserve shared it online on November 30. And in less than a week, the 40-second clip has over 45,000 reactions with more than 3,000 shares. Maharashtra: Tiger Walks 1,300 Kms in 5 Months to Find a Mate and Prey, Making it The 'Longest Walk Ever'.

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Leopards have been caught on camera in the middle of their hunt several times, but their mating is rarely captured. One of the incredible leopard hunts that went viral last year, was the wild cat taking on a huge python and smashing the snake's head. Pictures of this scary encounter went viral from Masai Mara in Africa. Meanwhile, some netizens think that in the above video, photographers and observers breach the privacy of these animals. Some commented that the sound of the photographers disturbed the male who ran off.

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