Maharashtra: Tiger Walks 1,300 Kms in 5 Months to Find a Mate and Prey, Making it The 'Longest Walk Ever'
Tiger creates record for longest walk (Photo Credits: Twitter/BBC Photo)

A wild tiger has apparently taken the longest walk in search of some prey and a mating partner. A tiger from Maharashtra has travelled for more than 1,000 kilometers in five months to find food for itself and in search of a mate. The tiger from Tippeshwar wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra walked in Telangana passing through several farms, wildlife sanctuary and even water and cover! The tiger's journey was tracked through a radio collar and was located in more than 5,000 location in the past nine months. And with that, the two and a half year male cat has made a record for the "longest walk ever" with 1,300 kms. Tigress Chases Tourists During Safari Ride at Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan's Sawai Madhopur, Viral Video Scares Netizens.

The tiger is named C1, one of the three cubs to tiger T1. It resides in the Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra and set out with the approach of monsoons. It left his home from the sanctuary in the month of June. It passed through several farms, highways and water too. But in its long journey, it came into human conflict just one. A senior biologist with the Wildlife Institute of India told the BBC, "The tiger is possibly looking for territory, food and a mate. Most of the potential tiger areas [in India] are full and new tigers have to explore more."

Here's a Picture of The Tiger's Longest Route:

The tiger travelled in the night time and ate wild pigs and cattle. He hid during the day time. Wildlife officials also expressed fear as the wild cat did not travel in a linear direction. But thankfully, it did not cause serious human conflict, except for one injury. Officials mentioned that the tiger may need to captured and relocated so that it avoids any untoward incidents in future. World's Largest Cat, a Lion-Tiger Cross Breed Weighs 319 Kgs! Video of Apollo, The Huge Liger From South Carolina Goes Viral.

However, this is a sad thing as the wild cat had to travel so much for its own survival. While the number of tigers may be increasing, their habitat is under danger, which is why such an incidence has been recorded.