Zombie Chicken! Viral Video of a Raw Piece of Poultry Meat ‘Escaping’ Out of a Plate Will Freak the BEJESUS Out of You (Watch Now)
Chicken 'comes back to life' on dining table (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Whether you believe in life after death or the return of dead people, this video will surely creep the bejesus you out! So, a piece of raw chicken, seemingly the breast part can be seen "coming back to life" on a dining table in a viral video. All this, while the person placed at the table can be heard screaming. Nobody would have believed the scene if there wasn't a piece of video evidence to prove it. Rie Prettyredbone Phillips took to Facebook to share this scary video of the chicken piece moving on its own and it is unbelievable. The chicken had been skinned and cut into pieces and can be seen trying to "escape" out of the dining table. People are calling it the "zombie" chicken, although it is not yet clear how this crazy phenomenon was possible. The video has been watched over 7.6M times ever since being posted to Facebook. Viewers have come up with different reasons why this was possible. The video is so bizarre that you have to take a look at it for yourself to believe it.

Watch "zombie chicken" coming "back to life" video":

"HELL NAH i would’ve left the restaurant after getting a refund for my food escaping LMAO" someone commented. "It was so fresh that some of the muscles are still firing off signals," another comment giving away some explanation.

Can Freshly Cut Meat Move?

Turns out, in rare cases when the meat is freshly cut, the muscles of the animal or mammal may flex for some time even after they are dead. The muscle cells don't die immediately and therefore sometimes the muscle cells begin to randomly contract as it is still alive that twitching can give an impression as if the meat is moving.

There have been cases when pieces of meat were still seen twitching as they were hung in butcher shops in the past. But whatever may be the reason, the sight was surely a horrific one. What do you think?