AUS beat SL by an innings and 40 runs | Sri Lanka vs Australia Live Cricket Score 1st Test Match

Warne-Muralitharan Trophy, 2019

Date: Jan 24, 2019 Start Time: 08:30 IST | 03:00 GMT | 13:00 Local
Venue: Brisbane Cricket Ground (Woolloongabba), Brisbane
1st Inn - 144/10(56.4) 2nd Inn - 139/9(50.5)
1st Inn - 323/10(106.2) 2nd Inn - DNB
Australia beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 40 runs

Sri Lanka vs Australia Live Cricket Score - 1st Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 50.5 SL: 139/9

Brisbane done, off to Canberra next but Sri Lanka have a baggage of an injury as well along with the defeat to be carried forward. Lahiru Kumara is ruled out of the series. Lots of headaches for the visitors and one can only think that the only way for them to come back will be to start afresh and treat the next one as a completely new game, trying to forget this loss as soon as possible. That Test will begin on 1st Feb, Friday. That will be a Day game and will begin at 1030 Local (2330 GMT, Jan 31 night). Join us for that! Till then, take care and cheers. For live cricketing action now though, you can switch tabs to follow the game between India and New Zealand where the hosts are chasing a mountain of runs at Mount Maunganui.

50.5 W

OUT! It is all over here at the 'Gabba. Lahiru Kumara is not going to come out to bat and hence, that is the end of the Test match. AUSTRALIA HAVE WON BY AN INNINGS AND 40 RUNS, LEAD 1-0 IN THE TWO-MATCH SERIES. Coming to the last wicket, it was a flighted ball on middle and turning in, Lakmal could not resist and comes down the ground looking to smash it into oblivion but misses the ball and Paine completes an easy stumping. A fitting way for the inspirational skipper of Australia to end the game. He took over in tough times and this victory would mean a lot after the series loss to India. Pulls up all the teammates in a huddle and gives a pep talk before they walk off the field all smiles.

50.4 0

A back foot defense this time from the batsman.

50.3 2

Short of a length this time, Lakmal rocks back and pulls it away to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs.

50.2 0

Suranga comes ahead and defends the ball onto the ground.

50.1 0

A flatter one on middle and leg, Lakmal looks to work it on the leg side but misses the ball completely.

End of Over : 50 9 Runs SL: 137/8
49.6 1

Short of a length and Suranga rocks back and punches this one for a single on the off side towards point. Keeps strike for the next over.

49.5 0

Mistimes the pull this time towards mid-wicket.

49.4 4

FOUR! Hit through mid off now. A full length ball on middle and off, Lakmal makes room and lifts it towards long off for a boundary. The second of the over.

49.3 0

Lakmal swinging at everything here, misses the ball completely this time though outside off.

49.2 4

FOUR! Suranga is having fun out there. He makes room, Starc delivers this one short and wide outside off. Lakmal cuts it away through cover-point for a boundary. The deficit is under 50 now.

49.1 0

Yorker from Starc on off stump line, dug out by Lakmal.

End of Over : 49 7 Runs SL: 128/8
48.6 1

IN THE AIR BUT SAFE! Short of a length delivery, Lakmal looks to pull but hits his gloves and the ball lands between leg gully and the keeper. The batsmen take a single.

48.5 0

Short of a length delivery, it rises off the deck, Lakmal looks to defend but gets beaten on this one.