WWE Raw Dec 9, 2019 Results and Highlights: Seth Rollins & AOP Attack Kevin Owens; Randy Orton Hampers AJ Styles' Chances To Win United States Championship Belt (Watch Videos)
Seth Rollins With AOP (Photo Credits: Twitter / WWE)

WWE Raw Dec 9, 2019 episode saw Seth Rollins and AOP attack Kevin Owens. We also saw Randy Orton hampers AJ Styles chances to win United States Championship belt. Lana and Rusev signed their divorced papers on this past episode of Monday Night Raw. Meanwhile, if you are looking for results and highlights of WWE Raw Dec 9, 2019 episode with results and highlights, scroll down for details. WWE Raw Dec 2, 2019 Results and Highlights: Randy Orton Attacks AJ Styles With RKO, Lashley & Lana Get Arrested (Watch Videos)

Bobby Lashley interfered during the signing of divorce paper between Rusev and Lana, he added insult to the injury by stating that he will the Bulgarian ex-wife. Rusev happily replied that, 'She's all yours', however, he insisted for a fight. Later, the Bulgarian out of nowhere, slammed Bobby Lashley on the table.

AJ Styles was very close to defeating Rey Mysterio in a United States Championship match, however, he was distracted by Randy Orton which cost him the match. Seth Rollins finally displayed his heel character as he allied with the team of Akam and Rezar, AOP to attack Kevin Owens. We saw the BeastSlayer stomped Kevin Owens, after AOP banged the van door on KO's head.

Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles – United States Title Match

Seth Rollins Delivers Scathing Rant Against the WWE Universe

Seth Rollins Joins AOP in a Brutal Beatdown of Kevin Owens

Liv Morgan is Coming Soon

Becky Lynch Defeated The Kabuki Warriors

After Divorcing Lana, Rusev slams Lashley Through a Table

The Kabuki Warriors Launch a sneak Attack on Charlotte Flair

Humberto Carrillo Defeated Andrade

Fans are most likely to see Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs The Kabuki Warriors in Raw Tag Team Champion match at WWE TLC pay per view scheduled to take place on Dec 15, 2019. In this past episode of Raw, we also saw Drew McIntyre defeat Matt Hardy. After hearing Seth Rollins explanation for heel turn this past episode, fans will eagerly wait to see how he alliance with AOP and further damage Kevin Owens.