Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Sales Banned in Germany; Court Grants Injunction To Qualcomm in Patent Infringement Against Apple
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Things for Apple seems to be turning worse! Qualcomm, a silicon giant, has been granted an injunction against Cupertino-based technology giant. As per the official release from the company, Qualcomm has been granted an injunction in regards to the patent infringement between the two giants. With the recently issued order from the district court of Munich, Apple will not be able to sell iPhone 8 as well as iPhone 7 in Germany. The initial reports from the court indicated that Apple might not have to stop the retail of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 as it was planning to appeal the ruling in the court. However, the American tech giant clarified that this ban on the retail of the iPhones is immediately enforceable and Qualcomm misunderstood the district court's order. Shocker: Apple Lied About iPhone X, iPhone XS & XS Max Screen Size, Pixel Count; Lawsuit Filed.

Another interesting part to note here is that the devices will still be available for retail in Germany via third-party sellers. Qualcomm also confirmed that Apple had requested the court for a stay on the injunction, but the request was, however, denied. As per the report from CNET, Apple will not be retailing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 devices across 15 retail stores in Germany. Additionally, Apple is also liable for the monetary damages, and the amount will be determined on the later stage.

The district court has also granted the request to Qualcomm regarding the revenue and profits made by the company from the devices in the past. Moreover, the company has also been granted for details concerning recall and destruction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices from all sellers in the country. Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XR Sales Could Be Banned in China, As Qualcomm Urges Chinese Courts to Act on Patent Violation.

Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Qualcomm, Don Rosenberg stated that, “Two respected courts in two different jurisdictions just in the past two weeks have now confirmed the value of Qualcomm’s patents and declared Apple an infringer, ordering a ban on iPhones in the important markets of Germany and China.”

Apple mentioned in a statement to CNBC that, “Qualcomm’s campaign is a desperate attempt to distract from the real issues between our companies.” The company further added that, “Their tactics, in the courts and their everyday business, are harming innovation and harming consumers.”

This injunction comes into effect as soon as Qualcomm posts a bond covering any damage that Apple may incur in case the court ruling is overturned. As a reminder, the entire conflict between Apple and Qualcomm is centered on the patent that enabled iPhones to employ the usage of the battery more efficiently.