Die With Me: An Application That Works Only With 5% Battery for Your Android and iOS Mobiles
Screenshot of the application (Image credits: Die With Me)

In times of a constant habit to check our smartphones, our biggest fears have become to run out of battery and not having a charging point around. Although few people carry their power banks along, now a new application has been developed which will give you company in your phone’s ‘low battery’ mode. Die With Me a new messenger application is now available on iOS and Android which is only accessible when your battery reaches the 5% mark.

Usually, when you have that low battery, you prefer to just shut down your network connections and your phone is as good as dead. But not anymore! Die With Me connects you to strangers for a brief amount of time until your battery dies out completely. The application was launched by Dries Depoorter, a Belgian artist, and David Surprenant, a Montreal-based interactive developer. They wanted to make something positive out of a low battery situation which is actually a misery for all smartphone users. Once your phone battery goes down to 5% or lower, you enter a chatroom od strangers who are going through the same misery! But mostly, the chats are likely around people complaining about the low batteries. So we are not really sure how this application helps.

Depoorter thought of this idea when he was traveling for work once and was really stressed out with no company. He along with his friend Surprenant started working on a beta version. Currently, the app is just a fun-like game but in future, the pair plans to develop it into a dating application! We had ideas to make a dating app where you can find someone around you with a low battery, and when you meet, the battery [is dead], so you can have a offline real conversation,' Depoorter told in a new report. Well, that sounds innovative. Till the application actually comes into effect, you could chat with some strangers and drain out your battery, if that suits you.