New Delhi, June 1: Oppo has unveiled its developer headset for mixed reality (MR) called MR Glass at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2023. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2+ chipset.

The Oppo MR Glass developer headset boasts several notable features, like binocular video pass-through (VPT) with pancake lenses, dual front RGB cameras, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Apple’s New AR/VR Headset May Feature Pixel-Dense High-End Displays.

The new headset comes with Oppo's proprietary SuperVOOC fast charging technology and even a heart rate monitor. The package also includes two joystick controllers.

"Innovation over the years has revealed the immense potential of XR technologies, revolutionizing interaction and information accessibility. Among them, MR stands out for its ability to seamlessly integrate the virtual and real world, unlocking boundless imagination in various contexts," said Yi Xu, Director of XR Technology at OPPO, during the keynote speech.

"OPPO MR Glass represents our latest breakthrough in this exploration, equipped with the advanced capabilities of Snapdragon Spaces to empower developers," he added. Paragraphica: All You Need to Know About AI-Powered Camera That Takes Photos Without Lens.

The new headset will initially be available as a Snapdragon Spaces development kit in China in the second half of this year. EnlightXR will handle distribution. There is no information bout its price and Indian launch yet.

The Oppo MR Glass Developer Edition is designed for developers to create apps and determine the best uses for mixed reality technology.

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