PAN Aadhaar Linking Deadline Till December 31; Here's How To Link Your PAN With Aadhaar Card Before Deadline
PAN-Aadhaar Linking Deadline (Photo Credits: PTI)

As per the previous announcement from the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the last date for linking PAN and Aadhaar is December 31, 2019. The body had previously declared that all Indian citizens must link their PAN with Aadhaar before the specified deadline. People not linking PAN-Aadhaar before the mentioned deadline, they won't be able to file their income tax and PAN card will remain non-operational. It is important to note that PAN-Aadhaar card linking deadline was extended from September 30 to December 31, 2019. PAN Card-Aadhaar Linking December 31 Deadline Nears; Here's How to Link Your Aadhaar With PAN Online (Watch Video).

PAN-Aadhaar linking status can be checked through Income Tax India website. Here's how you can check the status.

Firstly, you need to click on 'Link Aadhaar', and then, you need to click on the 'Click Here' option where you need to fill your details related to PAN and Aadhaar. A new webpage will open, and you need to fill in the PAN and Aadhaar details and then click on 'View Link Aadhaar Status'.

It is important to note that if PAN-Aadhaar is already linked, you will see a confirmation message on the screen with four-digit of Aadhaar number. On the contrary, if you haven't applied for linking PAN to Aadhaar card, there are two ways to do it. Aadhaar, PAN Not to Be Linked With Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, Says Delhi High Court.

1. Linking PAN-Aadhaar Card Via SMS

2. Linking PAN-Aadhaar Card Via Income Tax Website

1. PAN-Aadhaar card linking via SMS: People can link their PAN with Aadhaar card via SMS by following some simple steps.

Step 1. The users need to ensure that PAN and Aadhaar card are registered under the same name.

Step 2. User's mobile number should also be the same as registered on the Aadhaar card.

Step 3. After this, the users need to open the messaging app on their smartphone and type UIDAI space 12-digit Aadhaar card number space 10-character alphanumeric PAN number and send it to 567678 or 56161.

Step 4. After sending the SMS, the users will be notified for successful linking of PAN-Aadhaar.

2. Linking PAN-Aadhaar Card Via Income Tax Website: This is the second method for linking PAN with Aadhaar wherein the users need to visit the Income Tax Department of India website.

Step 1. The users need to visit the IT website -

Step 2. After visiting the site, the users need to click on 'Link Aadhaar' on the left side under the Quick Links section.

Step 3. Now, the user needs to enter details for PAN card, Aadhaar number and other necessary details such as Name (As per Aadhaar card).

Step 4. After all the details are filled in, the users are required to fill in the captcha or request for an OTP on the registered mobile phone.

Step 5. After receiving an OTP on the mobile number, PAN-Aadhaar linking will be done successfully if the details are matched.

These are two secure methods for linking PAN with your Aadhaar card. Notably, the deadline for linking these documents is December 31, 2019.