New Delhi, October 22: India is celebrating the 12th anniversary of Chandrayaan-1, India’s first mission to the moon today.  12 years ago on this day,  the mission was launched successfully by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) at the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

The spacecraft was designed to study the Moon orbiting around it at a height of 100 km from the lunar surface. On the occasion of this day, Ashok Gehlot greeted all the ISRO scientists and country's scientific community on 12th anniversary of India's 1st moon mission. "It was a proud moment for every Indian and the mission was a major boost to India's space program," he said. Chandrayaan 1 Flashback: A Look At The Observations of India's First Moon Mission Ahead of Chandrayaan 2 Launch by ISRO.

Here's what Ashok Gehlot tweeted on the 12TH Anniversary of Chandrayaan 1: 

Here's all about the Chandrayaan-1 mission:

Chandrayaan-1 was the first Indian lunar probe under the Chandrayaan program. It was launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation in October 2008 and operated until August 2009. The mission included a lunar orbiter and an impactor.

The main subject of the study was to provide new insights in understanding the Moon’s origin and evolution, Identification of chemicals in lunar highland rocks, mapping the height variation of features of the lunar surface and chemical imaging of the permanently shadowed north and south polar regions.

The Chandrayaan-1 mission performed high-resolution remote sensing of the moon in visible, near-infrared (NIR), low energy X-rays and high-energy X-ray regions. One of the objectives of the mission was to prepare a three-dimensional atlas of both near and far side of the moon.

Chandrayaan-1 successfully operated for 312 days until it got lost on 29 August 2009. The spacecraft crashed due to very high radiation and failed power-supply.

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