Partial Lunar Eclipse in July 2019: Know Date, Timings and Places From Where the Celestial Event of Chandra Grahan Will be Visible
Partial lunar eclipse (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Skywatchers can gear up for more celestial events in the oncoming month. The month of July will see not one but eclipses, a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse. The total solar eclipse will take place on July 2 and the partial lunar eclipse will take place on the night of July 16 and go on till July 17. The total solar eclipse will not be visible for the residents of India, so they can catch up on the lunar eclipse occurrence. The Chandra Grahan would last for three hours. Let us tell you more about the partial lunar eclipse 2019. Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Know Date, Time, Places Where Celestial Event Will be Visible and How to Watch Surya Grahan Occurring in July.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Date and Time

The Partial Lunar Eclipse will take place on the night of July 16 starting from 9:31 pm IST (18.43 UTC) it will continue onto the next day as the eclipse will last for three hours. The greatest umbral eclipse will be at 3.01 am.

What is Partial Lunar Eclipse?

A Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon. But during a partial eclipse, the three celestial bodies are not in a straight line. So a part of the Moon's surface is covered by a shadow of the Earth, which is called the Umbra. When all the three celestial objects are in a line, it is a total lunar eclipse. Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019: Pictures and Videos of Chandra Grahan From All Around the World Will Mesmerise You.

Where and When Lunar Eclipse Will be Visible

While the total solar eclipse will occur mostly over South America and South Pacific, the partial lunar eclipse will be visible from most parts of the world. It will not be seen in North America. In South America, it will be seen early evening July 16. In Europe and Africa, it will take place later in the evening of July 16.