What Will First Contact With Aliens be Like? Harvard Astronomer Gives an Idea About Extra-terrestrial Creatures
How will aliens look like (Photo Credits: File Image)

There is a lot of anticipation about extra-terrestrial life and how it will be like. Astronauts, scientists and researchers have been continuously working around exploring the outer space and finding any clues of aliens. Now an astronomer from Harvard has informed how the first contact with aliens will be like. Avi Loeb, the chair of the Harvard Astronomy Department speculates that the radio bursts are the messages from the aliens. Alien Spaceship-like Structures Found in Bermuda Triangle, Claims Discovery Channel's Treasure Hunter (Watch Video).

Loeb calls it the most extraordinary incidents in human history. He has compared it with the evolving of a single individual into a family but doesn't know exactly how the alien civilization is like. "I can’t tell you what this moment will look like. But it will be shocking. Because we are biased by our own experiences. We imagine other beings to be similar to us. But maybe they are radically different," he has said. Since aliens have evolved in a completely different environment than our planet, it cannot be predicted how they will look like, but also calls the moment of discovery a complete shock to the system. Russian Time-Traveller Claims He Met Aliens and Spoke to Them About the Earth, See Video to Know What Extraterrestrials Think of Us!

The astronomer also expressed that it is the aliens who will have to contact us first as we cannot go that much of a distance to exactly spot them. "It is quite possible that we won't encounter the life forms themselves, but rather only their artefacts. In any case, we ourselves are not designed for interstellar journeys. The only reason astronauts survive in space is that they are under the protection of the Earth's magnetic field." Time and again, there have been some bizarre instances recorded, UFO-like objects observed in the sky, strange lights seen etc which have been analysed to find more of life outside the earth. Probably we are just a few more years away from discovering the extra-terrestrials if they too have been looking for us.