The NFT world is continuously growing and expanding . According to recent stats from Coingecko, the overall market cap of NFT is around USD17 billion. The total sales in the past 3 months are around USD 58 million (, 2021).

From the metaverse of Sandbox, card trading of Gods Unchained, programmable art of Async Art, to the huge marketplace of OpenSea, enormous NFT projects have not only broadened the definition of digital art collection, but have also revolutionized the traditional economic model of art trading, giving creators more dominance and increased benefits.

StarryNift aims to establish a "Creativity First'' NFT platform as a combination of the above mentioned projects. StarryNift will be the fairyland where users can enjoy the surprise of card blind boxes (more fun than virtual Pop Mart), appreciation of art collection, profit of card trading, INO, etc. 

As projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Hashmask got extremely popular, the new trend for NFTs is to organically combine design and technology. An example of this would be programmable tools, art components and accessible algorithms which create art pieces. StarryNift thus provides a frictionless platform with amazing design tools, craftsman gears, and one-stop services which are freely accessible to creators. Their artwork could evolve by temporal evolution and peripheral enrichments such as pseudorandom AI filters, programmable layers, annotations, and massive interaction.

“Creators are the core driving force for StarryNift to grow and expand.” said by 5ive, the Chief Content Officer and talented illustrator of StarryNift. Thus, the platform spares no efforts to discover and incubate emerging artists. Creators own the dominance of their art pieces, they can publish NFT card/figure collections with the worldview made by themselves. Each NFT collection genuinely reflects the artist's emotion and idea. 

On top of that, since StarryNift is a collaborative creativity platform, all creators are encouraged to use the design tools mentioned above to input more original story plots and characters to other creators’ work, enriching the NFT metaverse with diverse imagination. 

Functioned as an artist incubation, StarryNift will provide artists the INO (Initial NFT Offering) launchpad, where they can get direct investment, marketing promotion, community activity support and fanbase expansion. Furthermore, StarryNift will also integrate other marketplaces such as OpenSea, to enhance circulation and popularity for NFTs. 

StarryNift has a galaxy of cooperating artists including algorithm artist Reva, illustrator 5ive, concept artist Sanmu, digital artist Lulu.Z, Meme artist Zzkawa, and more . As a film lover, illustrator 5ive has created a special NFT collection embedded with classic and trendy film characters for StarryNift. The first StarryNift NFT blind box collections will launch in early July. In the future, StarryNift will keep releasing various NFT collections like illustration, collage, Meme and algorithm art. StarryNift is looking for more NFT talents in hope of fostering the future stars of the NFT space. Artists and creators worldwide are welcomed to become StarryNift’s partners and build the future of NFT metaverse. For a chance to shine your full creativity on StarryNift, contact the StarryNift team on their official twitter account.