Earthquake in Lombok: 6.9 Magnitude Tremors Jolt Indonesian Island, Hours After Similar Intensity Quake
Lombok Islands was devastated earlier in the month when an earthquake claimed 430 lives | (Photo Credits: USGS)

Jakarta, Aug 19: An earthquake measuring 6.9 magnitude on the richter scale struck the Lombok Island of Indonesia late on Sunday. The fresh tremors came hours after 6.3 quake struck the holiday island earlier in the day. No casualties were reported due to either of the tremors by the time this report was published.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has claimed that the jolts of the second earthquake were felt at 14:56 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The tremors originated from a shallow depth of 1-km, reported the USGS.

Local media claimed that the second earthquake, similar to the one which struck earlier in the day, is of low intensity and unlikely to cause damage.

"Both the earthquakes originated from a shallow depth. The second one could be an aftershock. There is no need to panic," an official told a Jakarta-based news channel.

The USGS, along with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, has refrained from issuing a tsunami alert so far.

The Lombok Islands fall in the earthquake prone belt of Indonesia. The renowned tourist spot was devastated earlier in the month as the earthquake on August 5 ended up killing 430 people, and left over 1,300 injured.