Indonesian Teenagers Go Low to Get High! Boil Used Sanitary Pads and Drink to Get Intoxicated!
Sanitary waste (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Teenagers in Indonesia who do not have access to drugs are finding cheaper ways to get high. Indonesian authorities have warned about dangerous ways teenagers mostly in Central Java are opting to get the feel of drugs. They are using horrendous practices like boiling used sanitary pads and drinking the water. While it sounds disgusting to most, these children are addicted to the smell and taste of it. Police in Jakarta, Bekasi, West Java, Kudus, Central Java, have arrested teenagers experimenting with the method to get intoxicated.

The National Narcotics Agency's Central Java Regional Chapter (BNNP) warned the public that teenagers in the provinces are increasingly using the toxic practice with some also using baby diapers. The Indonesian media had reported the practice gaining popularity among teenagers in 2016. It is most popular among the age group of 13 to 16 years coming from economically backwards households. 22-year-old Dies Due to Drug Overdose; Video of His Lamenting Mother Holding His Body in a Garbage Dump Goes Viral.

Jimmy Ginting, an advocate for safe drinking told The Jakarta Post that the practice is not new. He said, "I don't know who started it all, but I knew it started around two years ago. There is no law against it so far. There is no law against these kids using a mixture of mosquito repellent and [cold syrup] to get drunk." The use of discarded sanitary pads and diapers are only gaining popularity with time. Are Millennials Spoiling Themselves? 5 Things The Youth Today Are Made to Believe is Right.

With no popular and easily accessible alternative to sanitary pads, women across the globe use it. While many continue to not have access to these pads, the use of it is equally harmful. Made of plastic materials, they are cancer-causing agents. They contain synthetic fibre, dioxin, sodium polyacrylate that can even affect the woman using it. And using a discarded menstrual pad is equal to inviting trouble to your own body. These teenagers generally dig trash looking for these pads. It can lead to severe problems to the kidneys and liver.