North Korea Tests ‘Ultramodern Tactical Weapon’ Amid Stalled Talks With US, Kim Jong-un Present at Trial Fire
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un present at the site of launch | (Photo Credits: Korean Central News Agency)

Seoul, November 16: Amid the stalled talk process with the United States, North Korea has test-fired its "ultramodern tactical weapon", reported Pyongyang's state news agency on Friday. Supreme leader Kim Jong-un was present to witness the successful trial.

The weapon, as well as the site of launch, was not reported by the state-owned press of the North. According to defence experts, the test-fire will not violate the pact inked with the US President Donald Trump in Singapore -- where Kim Jong-un promised to halt the country's nuclear and inter-continental ballistic missiles programme. Second US-North Korea Summit 'Quite Soon'; Jong-un Writes To Trump For Early Meet.

Sources in South Korea, however, have expressed concern over the fresh weapons test by Pyongyang, claiming that such rockets post the greatest military threat to the South, as they are usually deployed on the inter-Korean border, with the target being Seoul -- the capital city housing 10 million people.

Anonymous government sources, quoted in South Korean daily Chosun Ilbo, claimed that the North has secretly tested multiple-rocket this launchers, with the target of one of the trials being a dummy replicating the military headquarters of South Korea.

Analysts claim Pyongyang is resuming its non-nuclear weapon tests to pressurise the US to being relieving North Korea from the rigorous sanctions imposed over the last decade.