Mumbai, March 20: Ahead of Ramadan 2023, authorities in the UAE are trying to get rid of beggars clustered on the streets. The police noticed these beggars flocked inside the emirates between November and March 2022. People have been asked to make donations through legitimate organisations and avoid entertaining these beggars.

Police are trying to eradicate these gangs of beggars before or during Ramadan 2023. According to a report published in the Khaleej Times, "Begging can lead to other crimes such as burglary and exploiting children, the elderly and people of determination to raise money illegally," police said.

The police have noticed that these beggars have been deployed from many countries, such as the Middle East, Asia, and other Arab nations. They get everything from the organisations they work for. This includes visas, air tickets, and accommodation. In return, they have to give 80 per cent of their income to the organisers. They can be seen near and around mosques, markets, residential neighbourhoods, Ramadan tents, and parking lots.

Several public-private partnership models have been fetched to scoop out the business of begging in the country. Col Ahmed Saeed Al Nuaimi, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ajman Police, has formed a special team to find beggars and tighten security. Ramadan 2023 Date: When Is Moon Sighting in Your Country? Know Ramzan Start Date in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Other Countries.

The Sharjah Police launched a campaign, 'Ramadan Aman' to prevent begging. Brigadier-General Ibrahim Al Ajel, Deputy Director of the Operation Department, noticed that these beggars also become street vendors and sell pens, bottles, or quranic publications. UAE Government Decides Not To Renew Visas for Pakistanis Depriving Children of Education.

During Ramadan last year, the Dubai Police arrested 604 individuals overall, including 382 beggars and 222 street peddlers.  The police received complaints from 2,235 residents, including 1,956 reports through the (901) call centre and 279 via the 'Police Eye' service. Sharjah Police arrested 1,409 beggars. A beggar was caught with more than Dh44,000 cash.

Begging is a serious crime in the UAE. There have been three extensive laws -- Article 475, 476, 477 -- catering to dealing with beggars. Those who are found guilty have to serve at least 3 months in jail and Dh5,000.

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