New Delhi, March 1: Since the announcement of a ‘special military operation' in eastern Ukraine last week by Russian President Vladimir Putin, missiles have hit locations across the country, including the capital, Kyiv. 

Fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces has led to hundreds of casualties while thousands of Ukrainians have had to flee to neighboring countries.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky says, the next 24 hours are important for the country. Meanwhile, Russia has put its nuclear force on high alert to respond to Ukraine. In the midst of this war, there is a discussion that Russia can use the world's deadliest nuclear weapon 'Father of all bombs'. It is also called Thermobaric Bomb or Vacuum bomb.

The bomb that Russia has is a thermobaric bomb. It can also be called as Aerosol bombs, Vacuum bombs or fuel-air explosives. It is a super-powerful non-nuclear bomb with an explosion equivalent to over 44 tons of TNT.  Ukraine-Russia War: At Least 376 Civilian Casualties, 94 Deaths in Ukraine, Says UN Human Rights Office

The weapons come in various sizes, from rocket-propelled grenades designed for close combat, to large versions that can be deployed from planes.

The Vaccum Bomb can cause damage within a radius of 300 meters. This destructive weapon is dropped from a jet and it explodes in the middle of the air. It pulls oxygen out of the air and produces an effect similar to that of a small nuclear weapon.

Vacuum Bomb is an explosive weapon based on a new concept developed by Russia. This powerful bomb does not pose any threat to the environment, unlike nuclear weapons. This bomb can use only the air present in the atmosphere as an explosive fuel.

It can be dropped from the plane as well as released from the ground. After being taken to a specified height, the fuel of this bomb is mixed with oxygen and spread over the clouds. After this, as soon as these clouds explode, the things or buildings coming in contact with it get destroyed. The power of this vacuum bomb to be detonated in the air is being said to be equal to nuclear weapons. Nanotechnology has been used in this. There is no danger of radiation from its explosion.  Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Puts Nuclear Forces on High Combat Alert

America had earlier prepared ‘Mother of All Bombs’ named GBU-43/B. At the time of development, it was said to be the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the American arsenal. It can detonate with the power of 11 tons of TNT, while the Russian bomb can carry out a blast with the power of 44 tons of TNT.

The Russian Vacuum Bomb is claimed to be four times as powerful as the GBU-43/B but its specifications are widely disputed.

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