New Delhi, December 8: Meme coins are an important sector in the crypto market. In the past few years, meme coins have gained huge popularity.

The largest meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE), was created in 2013 but did not see big success until a few years after this. Now, it is one of the biggest market leaders in the crypto world and continues to be rising in the market, despite the current market crash. Plus, with a new meme coin on the scene called Dogeliens (DOGET), it seems as if meme coins could be the future of crypto. Crypto Finance Firm BlockFi Files for Bankruptcy in Us After FTX Collapse.

Dogecoin Rises By 27 per cent

Due to the current circumstances of the crypto market, many users have been put off purchasing crypto tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum due to their falling in value. However, meme coins such as Dogecoin are showing a different side to them. As meme coins are generally priced low, there has not been a significant impact on them. But, one thing that has stuck out about meme coins and Dogecoin in specific is that it has been climbing in market capitalization ranking. Usually holding the 10th position, DOGE is currently ranked 8th by market capitalization (at the time of writing). Furthermore, DOGE has risen by 27 per cent in value over the past seven days.

This goes to show how well meme coins have been doing and that they are still supported. Due to the lack of utility that meme coins have, many believed that meme coins would not maintain their usual rankings during tough market conditions. However, they have proved otherwise. One of the biggest factors that lead to the success of a meme coin is its community of users. As they rely on a strong community to be successful, this is one of the main reasons why meme coins have been thriving. Top Three Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out for in 2023 and Why This Is Best Time To Plan for the Bull Market.

Dogeliens Gets Ready To Join The Market

Dogeliens is a new meme coin that is currently preparing for its official launch in 2023. Currently, Dogeliens is in presale and is using this time to raise funds and build a strong community of users. Whilst many meme coins are quite basic in what they offer to their users, Dogeliens goes a step further by creating a large ecosystem to fulfil the needs of their users. For example, Dogeliens ensures to have an NFT collection, a merch store, and an educational hub where users can learn about all things crypto. As NFTs have gained popularity in recent years, Dogeliens aims to focus on providing the main components that users are looking for in a crypto project.

Additionally, with the educational hub, Dogeliens aims to provide users with video and article information to help bring individuals into the crypto world. As Dogeliens truly believes that crypto and decentralization are the future of finance, it aims to play a big part in helping the market evolve further. Plus, this is a helpful feature to include for those who want to learn more about crypto.

It is always best to conduct thorough research before making any crypto purchases due to the volatility of the market.

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