Hyderabad, Feb 10 (PTI): Telangana Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar on Wednesday launched Telangana Social Startup Network (TSSN), an initiative with a notion to build a solid ecosystem for Social Startups as an all-inclusive and cohesive body.

The goal of the body is to create 5,000 startups in the state in the next five years, an official release said.

TSSN was launched at Social Impact Confluence organised by Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC) in collaboration with AIC-IIITH (IIIT Hyderabad).

One of the major activities as a part of the ecosystem would be the launch of Social Innovation Policy to streamline the process of establishment of social startups, recognition, public procurement, government-pilot, and mobilising the diverse stakeholders of Social Impact, the release said.

"Government engagement with social entrepreneurs is the need of the hour during the tough times we are going through.

Government officers in the recent past have become sensitive enough in welcoming the startups solving the crucial issues.

I do presume that this is going to be the way forward in building sustainable societies, more with establishments like TSSN, which can lead to considerable growth contribution by social startups in this financial year for Telangana," Somesh Kumar said.

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