New Delhi, January 12: Lohri, which is just around the corner, is one of the most popular festivals of the Punjab region that marks the end of winter and the time to harvest the rabi crops.

Unlike most of the other festivals, it falls annually on the same date i.e., on January 13 according to the Gregorian calendar. A bonfire is lit, families whirl around it singing Punjabi folk songs and popping sesame seeds, popcorn, jaggery and rewaris. When is Lohri 2022? Know Date, Significance, Customs and Rituals of the Punjabi Harvest Festival.

However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it's going to be a muted celebration this year too. But that does not mean that one can't plan the celebration at home by following preventive protocols to make it safer. How To Celebrate Lohri 2022? 5 Eco-Friendly and Smokeless Bonfire Tips To Enjoy Harvest Festival.

Thus, in order to make this festival super joyful and vibrant while also ensuring the safety of your loved ones, here are some Lohri party planning tips for you. Take a look.

1. Go for Homemade Food:

Lohri is considered incomplete without traditional delicacies. The festival starts with a bonfire but it always involves the preparation of feasts from jaggery, sesame, and peanuts. To complement the celebrations, go for special dishes instead of ordering food from outside.

2. Limited Gathering:

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm. But now several restrictions on public gatherings have already been laid by the government authorities. The best way out in this situation is to limit the gathering so that the guests maintain a physical distance of at least 6 ft.

3. Set the Venue at Your Place:

Since it's currently very unsafe to go out and be in contact with people or things, it is better that you prepare your own home for the Lohri function and invite all your close relatives and friends over. A house party is also great to save a little more on the expenses as there are very few things that are required to be taken care of while other things are already aligned.

4. Play Traditional Games With Guests:

You can play traditional games such as carrom and ludo, or even play dumb charades and pass the parcel. Just assign fun activities and celebrate the harvest season with lots of sweets and happiness.

5. Home Decorations:

The festival of Lohri is incomplete without the decorations, but you have to be cautious while using things from the market. Make sure that you sanitise and wash the decorative items before touching them. Alternatively, one can use elements like dupattas, and sarees to add that colour and vibrancy to the decorations.

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These were some tips to help you plan your 2022 Lohri celebrations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and enjoy this festival with your joy and happiness. (By Devashish)

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