Quetta [Pakistan], July 11 (ANI): Pakistan Police brutally attacked peaceful protest organised by the Baloch community for the safe return of Zaheer Ahmed Baloch at Saryab Road, Quetta, on Thursday entered its 11th day.

However, according to accounts provided by protesters, Pakistani police orchestrated a baton charge on the peaceful demonstrators, causing severe injuries to those demanding the safe return of their loved ones.

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Several Baloch rights activists have taken to the social media platform 'X,' claiming that security forces tortured the protesters in Quetta. "Zaheer Baloch's family has been protesting for his recovery for the last 11 days at Saryab Road, Quetta. Today, a rally was held, but peaceful protesters, including women and children, were subjected to police violence and many were arrested," said activist Mahrang Baloch in a post on X.

The statement further noted, "This state seems to believe that violence is the answer to every problem. They violate their own constitution and laws by forcibly disappearing citizens, while their families protest these unconstitutional and illegal actions. Instead of dialogue and addressing the issue, the state responds with violence against women and children, arresting them. If the state believes it can silence the people through coercion and brutality, it stands on the wrong side of history."

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Another prominent Baloch leader, Sammi Deen Baloch, claimed in her statement on 'X,' "Quetta police used baton charges, tear gas, and heavy firing to disperse all participants, including women and children, in the rally. Many have been arrested, and clashes are ongoing."

"These families have been protesting on the streets of Quetta for the past ten days, but the government has ignored their demands, opting for state power and crackdowns on peaceful protests to silence their voices," she added.


She urged the entire Baloch community to condemn the incident and the actions of the Quetta police.

Allegedly, police also fired shots during the ongoing demonstration for the recovery of the missing Zaheer Ahmed, injuring many women in the process. Due to police baton charges, shelling, and violence, the situation in Quetta remains tense, with many protesters injured.

The Baloch Women Forum (BWF), a social organisation advocating for women's rights in Balochistan, stated, "State institutions are allowed to commit violations without accountability, which shows a clear intent to oppress the Baloch as a nation. We condemn the incident and stand in solidarity with the protesting families."

Despite several videos surfacing online before this horrifying incident in Quetta, it appears that Pakistani authorities had ignored the demands of the protesters. (ANI)

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