Moscow [Russia], July 3 (ANI/Sputnik): There are three fatalities in Belgorod and at least four injured people, including one child, the governor of Russia's Belgorod Region, Vyacheslav Gladkov said.

Earlier on Sunday, a Sputnik correspondent reported that loud popping sounds were heard in the city of Belgorod and surrounding areas and that the pops were so strong that the windows in the houses trembled and car alarms went off.

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Gladkov said on social media that one private house was on fire and there were three injured people. According to the governor, air defense was likely triggered in Belgorod.

In his latest update on Telegram, Gladkov said that "there are currently four [injured], two have been taken to the hospital: a man and a 10-year-old child. The man is in serious condition. ...There is currently information on three fatalities." (ANI/Sputnik)

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