Anurag Singh, popularly known as My Muscle Guy is a renowned fitness enthusiast from Lucknow. Over the years, he built a reputation for himself as a fitness expert who has changed and shapes lives of many people in a better way. Singh believes that physical fitness is important and there should be more awareness about the same. 

In today's time, a lot of people want to live a healthy lifestyle. 2020 taught us all how crucial it is to have a fit body, a strong immunity and physical strength. But to achieve the same, a right guidance is necessary. While exercise and workout are significant, eating right is equally important.

Anurag Singh has a website called ''. On his site, one can find genuine & budget friendly supplements to kill duplicacy. Singh also provides online courses/workout regimes in a customised way as per an individual's needs and body type.  He has been in this industry for 10 years. Hence, a lot of people trust his guidance and thoroughly follow it and achieve the desired results.

Along with changing lives through his website and helping them pick out the right supplement, My Muscle Guy is also a fitness YouTuber. He is also a blogger so one can read about his stories and get insights from him if they wish to bring fitness in their lifestyle.