A​s 2021 slowly ushers in a year of hope and equilibrium, Fashion is taking the stage front and center as a way to express ourselves and share our optimism. Fashion was an outlet last year when the pandemic descended on 2020. A way to connect and have fun over social media, people shared their looks from the comfy to the outlandish and proved that Fashion knows no bounds. The digital world pushed Fashion into new territories that will remain as 2021 takes hold. Fashion influencers indeed found a way to embrace this new normal, and these ten influencers in no particular order are opening an inspiring window into 2021.

Ting Ma

Proving that fashion has no age limit, Ting Ma @tingmystyle has an evolved style inspired by her Chinese upbringing and current US roots. A collection of simple, high-low looks with pops of color has brought Ting's platform to the forefront of Fashion. "I love a casual look with some edge," states Ting. "Pieces that work from day to night but turn heads." Understanding that fashion promotes creativity, Ting loves how social media brings us together. "It gives us a sense of normalcy," says Ting. "It helped keep that spark of creativity alive for me.”

Rossella Oppes

An international Certified Image Consultant working for ELLE Education and graduate from the London Image Institute, Rossella Oppes @rossellaoppes is a leader in advanced image consulting. Rossella curates content for international fashion and beauty brands. "I’m fascinated by the immortal elegance of icons of the past and mixing that with fresh modernity”, says Rossella. "Fashion is an art form that gives shape to creativity. It’s uniqueness combined with balance”. Working all over the world, Rossella shares her fresh twist on the industry.

Delia Atenea

Known for mixing classics seamlessly with trends, Delia Atenea @mommalovesfashionblog is a mom of five on a mission to create chic looks by combining affordable fashion with luxury investment pieces and accessories, classic with edgy.  “At the moment I’m loving all the 80’s, 90’s inspired trends, oversized blazers/ sweatshirts and Chelsea boots!......but it’s always good to own a few classic pieces as well such as a black fitted blazer.” For Delia Atenea, Fashion is a form of self-expression and she thinks it should be fun! "I love to create clean, fresh, and fun looks that make women feel confident.

Sharron Clear

Hailing from Atlanta, Sharron Clear is the creator behind @arrayoffaces, a fashion and lifestyle brand launched to uplift, empower, and inspire. Bold and colorfully chic, Sharron focuses her attention on vibrant colors with a mix of textures and patterns.  Sharron loves creating timeless looks indicative of American and European styles. "I have always loved the notion of getting dressed," explains Sharron. "When you look good, you feel good, and I think it's important to share that kind of vibrancy." Sharron's approach is all about good positive energy, and she continues to carry that into 2021.

Courtney Quinn

K​nown as the "color queen," Courtney Quinn @colormecourtney believes Fashion is all about dressing outside the lines. Fun and vibrant, Courtney takes it a step further by showcasing outfits that mix every hue under the sun. A self-proclaimed bright-minded New Yorker, Courtney's color obsession is fueled by her attitude and expressed through her wardrobe. Courtney has kept things bright despite it all inspiring others to do the same.

CC Mason

Hollywood actress, body double, model, and influencer CC Mason @ccmasonrlly uses her fashion platform CCMasonRlly to promote positivity and individuality. With a style that can be described as eclectic, CC approaches fashion without fear- "Fashion can change with you, or help you change into who you want to be," she says. From pink dresses, to tweed jackets, to street style, CC feels you should wear clothes that make you happy. With zero reservations to try new looks, CC is empowering her followers to experiment in 2021.

Ziba Lennox

Fashion blogger and dance fitness guru Ziba Lennox @zibalennox is a Latina mom and entrepreneur who loves dancing, dressing up, and adventures with her family between Chicago & FL. Ziba loves sharing confidence tips and a humorous take on life through her eclectic and emotional style. "In Latin culture, we embrace the bold and ornate," explains Ziba. "My mother, especially, inspired me to always look my best, and it's that self-care that makes us feel like we can conquer anything. Including a strong red lip!"  A fixture in New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, Ziba understands that Fashion is a lot like the art of being a ballerina, her first career.  It's a calling, one that unites different cultures with self-expression.

N​ikki Khanna

Former flight attendant turned techie Nikki Khanna @nikki_khanna_ took up Fashion influencing a year ago and has already worked with some of the world's top brands, including Burberry and Alice and Olivia. With her eccentric style Nikki believes that confidence is a woman’s most attractive feature and hopes to radiate that confidence through her posts. "The best part about my work is seeing women evolve into their best versions of themselves, whether it’s their style or skin" states Nikki. "Beauty should not be confined to what merely meets the eye and that’s my message, that is what keeps me pushing harder" Showing how she brings fashion and self-love together, Nikki is helping women turn heads on and off the runway.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Susana @susana.dxoxo creates unique content around her daring and sophisticated style. Believing that true beauty comes from within, Susana maintains that fashion is personal. "I like to piece together looks that not only show off my body but my personality, too," says Susana. "Bright and bold is my strategy. It reflects who I am." Blending her fashion tips alongside beauty and fitness, Susana helps others look and feel their absolute best. Providing a glimpse into her life via social media Susana embraces vulnerability through confidence.

Camila Coelho

B​logger and designer Camila Coelho @camilacoelho has enjoyed immense success as a fashion influencer and designer. Based in Brazil, Camilla shares fashion and beauty tips for the modern woman. Appreciating natural looks and clean silhouettes, Camilla has designed for Revolve and launched her own skincare line. With a focus on self-care and clean silhouettes, Camilla is ushering in high-end simplicity in the new year.