Bigg Boss Marathi Finale On Spot Eviction: Sai Lokur is Out, After Aastad Kale and Sharmishtha Raut Evicted!
Sai Lokur is out of Bigg Boss Marathi in on the spot eviction round! (Image Credit: Stock Photo)

After Aastad Kale and Sharmishtha Kale were shown the door of the glass walled house of Bigg Boss Marathi, the race is now between Pushkar Jog, Megha Dhade and Sai Lokur. The competition has to be reduced now between three contestants. One more person has to walk out of the show. And guess who was brought into the house to take one more inmate out of the show? Sai Tamhankar walks in to surprise everyone!

The game is getting really intense now, so much so that one can get a mini heart attack of sorts. In the buzzer game played all four, Smita remains safe and so does Megha. What that means is either Sai or Pushkar must leave. Sai Tamhankar then asks a very important question: Would both Sai and Pushkar leave the show simultaneously to prove their friendship and celebrate their togetherness? But that's not how it's meant to be. Bigg Boss Marathi Finale Winner: Megha Dhade Vs Pushkar Jog, Either Will Win?

We know how the story and the format of the show unfolds. The winner is chosen between three contestants. The two decide to press the buzzer at the same time. Voila! Pushkar Jog is safe! Sai Lokur must walk out of the reality show. Her journey ends her and Pushkar is seen getting emotional. Sai's journey ends here! Sai Tamhankar then announces that she is going to take Sai Lokur with her. The competition is now between Pushkar Jog, Megha Dhade and Smita Gondkar. And we think who the winner is going to be!