Independence Day 2018 Patriotic Songs: Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara to Sandese Aate Hain These Bollywood Tracks Evoke Patriotism
Border movie poster. (photo credits: file image)

It is 72nd Independence Day of India and the country is immersed in the feelings of patriotism. The music all over is dedicated to the bravehearts of the nation who sacrificed their lives and their peaceful family life for the love for our country. Bollywood plays an important role when it comes to making the aam junta realize about all these sacrifices. We desis are wired to get more emotional when something comes to us through music and here's where patriotic Bollywood songs have played a massive role.

Here are some of the songs that can never ever go out of the 'fashion' or 'trend'. These musical pieces have an irreplaceable place in our hearts forever and that will continue for generations to come.

Sandese Aate Hai (Border)

We have grown up listening to this track and has become kind of an anthem. The soldiers and their lives in this film were backed by this amazing number leaving us teary-eyed.

Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara Hai (Roja)

AR Rahman's this soulful musical number is carved into our hearts just like the above-mentioned song. One cannot help but revisit the school memories when this song plays.

Yeh Jo Des Hai Mera (Swades)

Shah Rukh Khan's Mohan Bhargava is so relatable to the common man who is too busy living his own life. The track reminds us that how much ever we are busy in our day-to-day life, the heart belongs to our 'swades'.

Ae Watan (Raazi)

The newest number in the list of patriotic songs is this Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy-Gulzar made song starring Alia Bhatt. Without even the name of the nation in this song, it takes us into the world of patriotism in moments.

Don't tell us that you did not feel your throat choked with pride and emotions while listening and humming these songs. Tell us your favourite one in the comments section below.