Made in Heaven: These Funny Reactions to Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur’s BRILLIANT Web Series on Twitter Desereve Your RT
Arjun and Sobhita in Made in Heaven (Photo Credits: Amazon Prime)

ICYMI, Zoya Akhtar has released a new web series, Made in Heaven, that she has written and produced and directed. The web-series stars Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur playing friends and business partners in a wedding planning venture. Arjun's Kabir is Gay and Sobhita's Tara is unhappily married and the show revolves around how these two navigate their messed up lives and handle their venture, while looking absolutely deliciously hot. The 9-episodes long series has struck a chord with the audience and you can find many love-complaining that they ended up binge watching it, losing sleep in the process. In fact, there are quite a lot of funny reactions to the series out there on the internet.

The number of Twitter handles thirst tweeting for Kabir, Tara, Arjun or Sobhita (Or all four of them) is also way too high. So, we absolutely need to talk about the increasing popularity of the show. And what better way than to list down the funniest reaction to Made in Heaven that we could find.

Here we go: she doesn't!


Whatever rows your boat, buddy

God works in mysterious ways...maybe

Tell the journo writing this article about it

You are not alone

I mean, he has but...

Good morning to you too!

Delhi, y u do diz

Sleep is a waste of time anyway, unless you are dreaming of Made in Heaven

The most paused moment of the decade

*enter Pikachu shocked face meme*

Please RT. We need to help this person

We need answers now!


So, as you can see that Made in Heaven has left viewers in shreds. Have enough days passed for us to start a petition for season 2 to come early? Like tomorrow? We will wait a couple of days more. Also, don not forget to tell us what is your take on Made in Heaven. We are ready to hear y'all on Twitter if you tag us @latestly.