Sara Ali Khan Has a Secret Fake Instagram Account That Is More Fun than Her Official One
Sara Ali Khan (Photo credit: Instagram)

Sara Ali Khan first became a star on social media years before Kedarnath even came into the picture. Her pictures and videos somehow found their way online and went viral every other day, thanks to her fan clubs galore. She was on the platform, but with a secret handle that no one knew of. The actress is now on Instagram officially - with a blue tick and all. But she still holds on dearly to her secret account maybe. Sara was speaking to Anupama Chopra for Film Companion when she revealed that other than her official account, she also has a fake Instagram account. Sara Ali Khan on Paparazzi Frenzy around Brother Taimur: I Don’t Think There Is Anything Anybody Can Really Do about It.

"I am on Twitter under a false name. But I will come on Twitter very soon," Sara said.  When asked if she is stalking people, Sara said, "Of course! I am a normal person. I am stalking people. I have a fake Instagram also where I like things and all. Because I can't be liking random stuff [from official account] because people take screenshots of what you've liked. You don't always want people to know what you like."

Anupama quizzed her what she 'likes' on Instagram. Sara said, "Not shoes or clothes. You know like hot models. I want to like but not let anyone know I have liked."

That sounds like more fun. But we are totally on board with her choice of having a spare secret Instagram account. Because, guilty as charged, if she liked a hot model from the official one, we'd be taking a screenshot.